How to resend the same Email Campaign to newly added leads?

You can send an already existing email campaign to new recipients by using the Resend option. If an email campaign is sent to a particular list, and this list is updated with new leads, you can use the Resend option to send the email campaign to the newly added leads. This reduces your effort, of going through all the steps of creating and sending an email campaign.

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Email Campaign. You will see the list of email campaigns in the email campaign grid.

2. Hover on the Actions icon of the required email campaign. Click Resend to send the email campaign to those leads, which were added to the recipient list (either automatically or manually).


3. The Resend Email Campaign window opens up. Here you can see the number of newly added leads, to whom the email will be sent. You can choose to send the email campaign immediately or schedule it to a later date and time.

Schedule email

4. If there are no leads added to a particular email campaign list, then the resend option would not be useful. You will see that the email campaign will not have any recipient ,if no new leads are added.

No recipients

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