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Exclusion Criteria in Drip Campaigns

Set Exclusion Criteria: – In Drip Campaigns (Step 3)

You can now specify a criteria for the Leads to be excluded from receiving the Drip Campaign emails.

The “exclusion criteria” (event/condition at which the future emails of Drip Campaign sequence are paused) can now be any update in lead field or any activity on lead.

For example, you can set up 5 step drip campaign and configure it to exclude leads from receiving mails of step 4 & 5 if they click the link in Step 3.

Or even if an Email was sent to the lead earlier as part of any Email Campaign or Drip Campaign actions.

Here steps refer to Email Actions set in the Drip Campaign email sequence.

exclusion criteria DC

Once exclusion criteria is specified click on Next to go to the final step Summary (step 4)

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