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The Facebook Lead Ads Connector of LeadSquared integrates your Facebook Lead Ads (forms) with your LeadSquared account for direct Lead capture from Facebook. You need to connect the connector with your Facebook account and map your required Facebook Ad Campaign to the connector in order to capture the Leads.

Note: This connector is no longer available for installation. If you’re still using this connector, we recommend you migrate to the new Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector. To know more, please refer to How to Migrate from Facebook Lead Ads Connector to Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector?


  • You must be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared Account
  • You should be an Admin of your Facebook Page
  • You also need to accept certain Facebook terms and conditions before you can run lead ads or do this integration. You can accept them from Lead Ads Terms page. (From the drop-down just select the page for which you wish to run these ads)
  • To get your Facebook Secret Key and App Id, refer to Facebook docs.


  • Search for Facebook Lead Ads connector in the search field go to Social Media under Categories and select Facebook Lead Ads Connector. The Facebook Lead Ads Connector window appears.

  • Click Add Connector to install the connector. The connector is installed with the message as highlighted in the image below:


Once the installation is completed, follow the steps below:

  • Under Settings, click Configure. The Configure Facebook Lead Ads Connector pop-up box appears:

  • Click Connect with Facebook.  You are redirected to Facebook for authorizing the LeadSquared LeadAd Connector App.

Note: For detailed information on how to use the Advanced Settings feature, refer to How to do the Advanced Settings of the Facebook Lead Ads Connector?

FC 4

  • Provide permissions to the connector to manage your Facebook pages.

FC 5

  • Provide permission to LeadSquared LeadAds Connector to access Facebook Ads and Related Stats.

FB Ads con

Once the Facebook LeadAds connector App is authorized, you are redirected to LeadSquared LeadAds Settings page.

Here you view the list of all Facebook pages that is managed by you as an Admin. The Facebook pages are indicated as Not Mapped. Once the mapping is completed, it is shown as Mapped.

To map a particular Facebook page:

  • Under Page Mapping against the required Facebook page, click Unmapped.  This allows you to integrate with LeadSquared for mapping the Facebook Fields (Questions) with the relevant LeadSquared Fields.  The Mapping page window appears:

In the mapping window, you can view the following three tabs:

  • Default Fields – The fields here are already mapped. However, you may change the mapping as required. Once the mapping is completed, click Next.
  • Additional FieldsYou can map additional Facebook fields as required from here. Once the mapping is completed, click Next.

  • Additional Lead Details – Allows you to specify the following details:
    • Lead SourceAllows you to specify the Lead Source of the Lead. This is an editable field which allows you to enter a custom name for the Lead Source. Example: Facebook Source, Social Media and so on.
    • Add lead to list –  It also allows you to specify a static list to which Leads captured from Facebook submission is added.
    • Activity Note – Allows you to specify the note text for the activity which you want to post when a Facebook submission occurs.

Once the settings are completed, click Save. Your required Facebook page is successfully integrated with LeadSquared for Lead Capture.

FC 12

You may edit the mappings if required for the pages integrated by clicking Edit option.

Similarly you may map other Facebook pages too to integrate them with LeadSquared for Lead Capture.

Note: Whenever you create a New question in Facebook Lead Ads, you need to Edit the Mapping & Save settings for the changes to be effective.

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