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Facebook Retargeting

This app lets you push leads from your LeadSquared account into specific Custom Audience on your Facebook Ad Account. Once installed and configured properly, you will be able to use the triggers available in ‘Automation’ to add a lead to a specific custom audience on Facebook and target ads at them.

Note: Only “Email Address” and “Phone” values will be pushed from LeadSquared to the Facebook Ad account.



  • You must have a Facebook account with permissions to manage at least one Ad Account.
  • You must be logged into your LeadSquared account.
  • You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared account.



To install the app go to Apps>Apps marketplace>Online Ads>Facebook Retargeting App.



  1. Once installed, on the app page go to Settings>Configure.
  2. You will be asked to log into your Facebook account.
    1. The Facebook account you connect to, must have permissions to manage ads for at least one Ad Account.
    2. If browser is already logged into a Facebook account, you will be asked to continue as the logged in user.
    3. If you would like to connect to a different account, please log the browser out of the said Facebook account and try again.
  3. Please grant requested permissions for the app to function. This app requires two permissions
    1. Permission to manage Facebook Adverts
    2. Permission to view Facebook Adverts and related stats.
  4. Once connected, you will see a confirmation message informing the Facebook account that you have connected to. You can disconnect at any point of time to connect to a different account.


App Functions & Features

  • Custom Audience functions
    1. Go to Apps > Facebook Retargeting to view app homepage. You will see a grid with the list of Ad Accounts you have permissions to manage.
    2. Go to Actions > Manage Lists. You will see the list of Custom Audiences already existing in that Ad Account and some details related to each list.
    3. On the ‘Custom Audience list’ page, you can see the size of each Custom Audience as well as the number of leads that have been pushed into the list from your LeadSquared account.
    4. Click on “Add Custom Audience” to create a new Custom Audience on your Facebook Ad Account. You will be asked to name the list and add a description.
    5. While on the ‘Custom Audience List’ page you can find the Delete function under Actions menu.
  • Automations
    1. Once the app is installed on your LeadSquared account you will be able to push a lead into a custom audience list through Automations. When adding a new card, under Actions > Custom you will find the ‘Facebook Retargeting’ option.
    2. While configuring the Facebook Retargeting action you will be asked for the Custom Audience list you would like to push the lead into.
    3. Whenever a lead is pushed into a Custom Audience, a Custom Activity will be logged against the Lead reflecting the same.