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How can I add a new user to LeadSquared?

You can add a new user in LeadSquared only if your role is set to Administrator. To add a user, navigate to My Account >Setting>Users and Permissions>Users, then click the Create User button

Create User button

The Create User window pops up and you can enter the relevant details. Click the Create User button when you’re done to add more details for the new user. If you want to quickly create multiple users with just their basic details, use the Create and Add New button.

Create User pop-up

Once you’re user is created, the left pane will become accessible and you can enter more details for your user. Click the Edit link highlighted in the image below to add more details.

Edit User pop-up

If you want to add more details for your new user, LeadSquared allows you to create up to 10 custom fields. Just navigate to the Other Details section on the left pane and click the Edit as shown below.
Please note that you will only be able to enter values for the custom fields here but will not be able to change the display name (custom 1, custom 2, etc.) from here. To find out how to do that, see Manage User Custom Fields.

Edit User custom fields

Finally, navigate to the Report Subscription section to configure the reports you want the user to see. You can also click the highlighted Select Columns link to customize the report columns.
Click Save when you’re done.

Edit User Report Subscriptions

Your new user is now successfully created. Once you close the pop-up, you will be directed back to the Manage Users page. Come back here anytime to edit existing users or to create new ones.

Note: Tags are not visible on the Manage Users page but you can retrieve tag data using APIs. Look here for more information.

Use the search bar to quickly locate a user you want to edit. You can search based on any of the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Associated Phone numbers
  • Department
  • City
  • Custom Fields

If you want to export the list of users, click Export Users under the Actions menu.