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Form Block (Normal Landing Page)

A form block helps you to design a simple form to include in a landing page. A Form Designer opens up if you click on the Form Block or if you double click on an existing form block.

Note: This article is related to the Normal Landing Page Designer which has been discontinued w.e.f. 24th August, 2016. The Responsive Designer will act as the main landing page designer. If you have landing pages already created in normal designer then you will be able to edit the pages in the same designer. For creation of new pages, the responsive designer will be the default.

Form Designer

The list below consists of all the actions that can be performed on a form designer:

  • Add Lead Fields: You can choose the lead fields which you want to include in the form. All the lead fields that are present in LeadSquared will appear here. If, by any chance you want to include a field in the form, and it is absent, then you can create a new custom field for the same. See here to learn How To Create A Custom Field. Hover over the required lead field and click on the plus mark to add it to the form.


  • Form Designer: In the form designer tab you can choose where the field label should appear. The available options are to include it in the left side, on top and inside the fields.


  • Add CAPTCHA: You can add a CAPTCHA option to the form by simply clicking on the Add captcha button.


  • Preview: This option allows you to look at the form before publishing it.  You can make any changes after looking at the preview, if required.


  • Label Properties: This allows you to customize the Font, Size, Font Weight and Color of the form fields’ text.


  • Field Properties: This allows you to customize the Height, Border Color, Border Width and Corner Radius of the form field box.


  • Lead Field Properties: This allows you to customize the Field Name, Display Name, choose if the field should be made mandatory and make the field hidden to the user. You can view this option if you click on the field name.