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Hide – Unhide – Delete Email Campaigns

Hide – UnHide – Delete Email Campaigns

Note: You can delete Email Campaigns only in Draft State.

Sent Email Campaigns can not be deleted  from your LeadSquared account.

You may simply Hide the older Sent Email Campaigns you do not wish to see in the Email Campaign grid.


Navigate to Marketing > Email Campaign > Search / Spot the Email Campaign to be hidden.

Hover the mouse over the Actions icon corresponding to the Email Campaign, available to the right of the grid -under Actions column.

Click Hide option from the list.

Hide Email Campaign

Confirm Hide operation on the popup to see the Email Campaign disappear from the Email Campaign Grid.

hide ecamp confirmation

Find Hidden Campaigns:

To see Hidden Campaigns select Show Hidden check box seen to the right under the Actions Section.

You may choose to Unhide any required Email Campaign by clicking Unhide option from Email Actions.

Unhide the email Campaign

A confirmation pop up opens where you can confirm Unhide operation.

The email campaign would then be available for you in the Email Campaign grid.