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How can I find out the number of Submissions, Unique Leads and Total Leads for a Landing Page?

In the landing page report, you may find that the number of submissions, unique leads and total number of leads are different. This is because of the fact, that they are indeed different.  Each of the above 3 numbers are explained below

Submissions: It is the total number of times visitors have submitted on a landing page. A click on the Call To Action button or a Form submission on the landing page, will be treated as a submission.


Unique Leads: The number of leads who have submitted on your landing page, whose data is NOT present in your LeadSquared account. A visitor, whose email address already exists in your LeadSquared’s account, submits on your landing page, will NOT be considered as a unique lead. LeadSquared considers email addresses for determining a unique or duplicate entry.

Unique Leads

Total number of leads: The number of unique leads plus the number of existing leads who have submitted on your landing page during any interval of time. This gives the total number of leads who submitted on a particular landing page.

You can see the total number of leads at the bottom of the report for a particular time interval.

Total Leads

Now, if you want to make a list of all leads that submitted on your landing page, see How can I find Leads that Submitted on a Landing Page? If you do make a list of  all leads that submitted on your landing page using the above procedure, you will get the number which is equal to Total Leads.