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How can I make use of the Lead Activity Stream?

Lead activity stream allows you to view activities of your leads in real time. One of the most important use case of this feature is to help sales representatives who want to immediately respond to a prospect or lead activity.  For example, you may want to call a prospect as soon as they clicked your email. Lead Activity Stream brings that to you like live updates and you can immediate take an action.


You are using Super Receptionist connector to integrate your calls with LeadSquared. For more information, see How to use the Super Receptionist Connector?

How you can use Lead Activity Stream

Navigate to Dashboard > Leads > Lead Activity Stream to view the  real time lead activities.

1. You will get an automatic notification about a lead activity. LeadSquared automatically refreshes new activities, say if you get a missed call, or you have a telephonic conversation.

Automatic Refresh

2. You can Add (details to the lead), Merge (with an existing lead) or even Discard the lead if you get a call from a new phone number.

Add Lead

If you choose to merge the phone call to an existing lead, select the Merge with a Lead tab and enter the name of the lead. As you enter the lead name, you can select the required lead from the list displayed.

Merge Lead

If you want to discard a phone number, select the Discard tab, and enter the reason for discarding the lead.

Discard Lead

3. You can see that the Source of the newly added lead is automatically marked as Inbound Phone Call. This allows you to easily identify leads coming from a particular source. Navigate to the Manage Leads page to view the lead source.

Inbound Phone call

4. You can see that a new activity is added if a phone call comes from existing lead whose phone number matches. You can click on View Lead Details to see the activity history of the particular lead. You can view this in the Lead Details page.

Activity added

5. You can listen to recordings of conversations and voice message for future transactions. Click on the Listen recording button. The audio player pops up, and you can listen to the recording here.


6. You can assign missed calls to any user in LeadSquared using the Missed Call Widget. It shows the number of missed calls, and it allows the Administrator to assign the missed calls to another user. Once the call is assigned to a user, that call will show up on that user’s Activity Stream.

Assign missed call

7. You can see the total number of calls associated to your account in the call widget. It includes inbound, outbound and missed calls. It also includes voice messages.

Call Widget

8. You can make Outbound calls from the Lead Activity Stream. Click on the Call button to make a call to your leads.

Outbound Calls

For more information on making outbound calls, see How to make outbound calls to leads from LeadSquared?