How can I send a follow up email to leads who did not open my previous Email Campaign?

LeadSquared allows you to nurture your leads by sending them follow up emails. You can easily create lists of those who did not open the previous emails that you sent. By creating such lists you can send follow up emails to those leads. You use this procedure to send follow up emails to leads who did not open your previous emails.



Re-Send Old Email Campaign

1. If you want to re-send an email which the leads did not open, then you can simply clone the earlier email and send it to the leads. To clone the email, navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Email Campaign. Select the email which you want to re-send and click on the Actions icon.


2. Go to Step 3 (Select Recipients). In the Recipient list you will see that the original recipient list will be retained. Do not change the recipient list. Leave it as it is.

Recipient List 2

3. In the Suppression List, create a list of leads who have opened the particular email campaign. Click on Create Suppression List.

Suppression List

4. A new window to create a list opens up. Select All criteria. Specify the following conditions; Email Campaign Opened, Is and select the required Email Campaign. Click on Search Leads. Save the leads to a Dynamic List.

Create Suppression List

5. By selecting the above conditions, you will be able to send the email to recipients who did not open the same previously.

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