How can I send a follow up email to leads who opened my previous Email Campaign?

LeadSquared allows you to nurture your leads by sending them follow up emails. You can easily create lists of those who opened the previous emails that you sent. By creating such lists you can send follow up emails to leads. You use this procedure to send follow up emails to leads who opened your previous emails.


  • You have logged in to LeadSquared.
  • You have sent email campaigns previously. For more information, see How to create and schedule Email Campaigns?
  • You have completed Step 1 and Step 2 of creating an Email Campaign. You are in Step 3 (Select Recipient).


1. In the Select Recipient step, you can select the list to which you want to send an email. In the Recipient Lists tab, click on Create Recipient List.

Recipient List

2. The create New Recipient List window opens up. Select the All criteria check box. Select Email Campaign Opened from the first drop down, Is from the second drop down and select the required email campaign from the third drop down. Click on Search Leads to get a list of leads that opened the email.

Create List

3. You can save the list as a static one or a dynamic one based on your requirement. Once you save the list, it appears selected in the Recipient List drop down.

List Selected

4. After you create the list you can go ahead with Step 4 and Step 5 of sending an email campaign.

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