How can I block domain names from receiving my Emails?

You can block domains from receiving emails. Previously you could find only a list of blocked emails. Sometimes there can be different email addresses with the same domain, so it’s better to block the entire domain. Go to My Account > Settings > Email Settings. Click on Blocked Email Domains to see the list of blocked domains.

blocked II 4-23-2015 12-13-55 PM

To add a domain to the list, click on Block Domain button. Enter the Domain Name and the relevant Notes for the same. Click on Save.

block III4-23-2015 12-21-53 PM

To unblock an email domain, hover your cursor over the settings icon, and click Unblock.

unblock email domain

Note: Instead of blocking entire email domains, you can also use the ‘Do Not Email’ lead field to block/unblock emails to individual leads. You can find it on the lead details page.

do not email lead field

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