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How to Add a New Lead in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared’s Manage Leads module lets you create and manage leads. You can import new Leads from a CSV file, create leads manually and let LeadSquared create them automatically when anyone submits on a Landing page.  You use this procedure to add new leads in LeadSquared.


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Adding Leads

You can add leads in LeadSquared through the following ways:

1. Add new leads manually through Add New Leads or Quick Add Leads options. For more information, see How to Add Leads Manually in LeadSquared.

2. Import leads from a CSV file. For more information, see How to Import Leads?

3. View leads when visitors submit on your landing page. For more information, see How to Create and Publish a Landing Page?

4. Create new leads using APIs. For more information, see Sample PHP Code to Create a Lead in LeadSquared and LeadSquared API Overview.