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How to create a date type custom field in LeadSquared?

You can create Date Type Custom Fields in LeadSquared that captures date in appropriate format.

To create a custom field, navigate to My Account > Settings > Customization >Click on Lead fields, in Settings page.

On Manage Custom Fields page click on Create Custom field button on top right of the page.

Custom field

Give a name to the Custom Field in Display Name field.

Select Data Input Type as Date from the dropdown as shown in the figure below.


You may choose to show only Date or Date with Time in the new field created.

date 1

If Date is selected as option in Show as, a custom field with only Date is created and a calender to select date appears.(As shown below)

date 2

If Date Time is selected, the newly created Custom field will have time field additionally. Here along with Calander, a Time Control can be seen to select time (Fig., shown below).

date time

Also, the field properties can be customized as per the requirement by selecting corresponding check boxes in the Lead Field Properties section.

field property

  • Is Mandatory: Selecting the check box will make the lead field mandatory; i.e. the user will not be able to create the lead record without filling in details in this field.
  • Show in Quick Add: Selecting the check box enables this field to appear when you are filling lead details through the Quick Add Lead option. Click here to view the Add New Lead option.
  • Do not allow duplicates: Selecting the check box will make the lead field unique; i.e. It will not allow to create the lead record with duplicate value. The check box is available for following data types Textbox, Number, Email, Phone, and Website.
  • Include in Quick Search: Selecting the check box will include the field for quick search in the Manage Lead grid on Lead list pages. Click here to view Quick Search option.
  • Show in Import: Selecting the check box will enable the user to map this field when importing lead information through the Import Lead option. Click here to view the Show In Import option.
  • Include in Mail Merge: Selecting the check box will allow you to include this custom field in the mail merge field for message personalization while drafting emails for Email Campaigns. Click here to view the Include in Mail Merge option.

NOTE: If the Lead Field is system created, you will be able to make changes only to the Mail Merge Default Value, Maximum Length and Is Mandatory options.

Click Save and Add New button to save and create a new custom field or click on Save to save and exit.

Now you can use the ‘DATE‘ field created to capture dates in proper format.