How to Create Refreshable Lists?

Refreshable list feature of LeadSquared allows you to organize large number of leads in one place. It is similar to the Dynamic list feature of LeadSquared, where you can group leads automatically based on a specific criteria. However, in Refreshable Lists, you need to refresh the list each time you want to see the current membership.

Note: This feature is available only to few selected customers that have large number of leads.  The feature helps in creating and refreshing lists asynchronously  — thereby avoiding any performance impact of accessing a large list.  

Here is a brief comparison of Refreshable lists with static and dynamic lists.

List TypeDescriptionAvailability
Static ListAllows you to add fixed number of leads manually.Available to all customers
Dynamic ListAllows you to add leads automatically based on search criteriaAvailable to all customers
Refreshable listAllows you to add large number of leads based on search criteria. Need to be refreshed for the leads to be pulled to the list.Available only to selected customer (where lead volume is high)

To create a Refreshable list:

  • Go to Leads -> Manage Lists and click Create Refreshable List. The Create Refreshable List pop-up box appears.

  • Specify the search criteria and click Continue.

  • Specify the list name and description and click Save. The below message box appears:

You can also check the status of this request from the Request History section.

Once the list is created, you can view it from the Manage Lists window.


In order to see all current leads in the list, you need to refresh the Refreshable List. To do this:

  • From the Managed Lists window, select the required list.
  • Click actions-button under Actions and click Refresh. The Refresh List message box appears.



All the actions apart from Refresh are similar to corresponding actions in other lists. For information on this, refer to List Management – Feature Guide.


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