How to create static lists?

You use this procedure to create a static list. Static List has fixed number of Leads. The list can only be changed by manually deleting, adding or importing Leads.


  • Your leads are present in LeadSquared. Lists cannot be created without leads being present.
  • You have logged in to LeadSquared.


You can create static lists either from the already existing leads or when you are importing leads through the Import Leads option.

To create a static list from the existing leads

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Leads > Manage Lists and Click on Create New List.

List pic


Create New List

2. If you select Any Criteria, then the leads will be filtered based on any one of the specified criteria. If you select All criteria, then the leads will be filtered only if all the specified criteria are met. You can specify any number of criteria to filter the leads. You can click on Add button to specify additional criteria.

3. See How do I use Advanced Search feature in LeadSquared? for more information on search criteria based on Lead Activity and Lead Details.

4. Select suitable criteria to filter leads. Click on Search Leads. You will see leads that satisfy the given criteria.

Save as Static List

5. Click on Save as Static List to add the leads to a static list. Enter a suitable List Name. You can give a description to the list. Click on Save.

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