How to Create Transactional SMS templates and get them approved?

Transactional Short Message Service (SMS)s is a template based SMS which is sent to your contacts to convey information regarding your product or service. Unlike promotional SMSs, Transactional SMS can be delivered to mobile phone numbers which has the Do Not Disturb (DND) service activated on them. Also, unlike promotional SMS which suffer from time constraint, these SMS can be sent anytime without any time constraint.

Few scenarios where Transactional SMS is used is given below:

  • An SMS sent by a college to a student regarding the joining date.
  • An SMS sent to a lead as confirmation to their online submission.
  • An SMS sent to a caller acknowledging their call to your sales/support number.

Few examples of Transactional SMS templates are given below:

  • Your order no: %d% has been shipped. You will receive this order by %s%. Thank you  for using our services.
  • Thank you for your interest in our product. Your enquiry number is %s%
  • Thank you for signing up with LeadSquared. We will contact you shortly.

Note: In the above examples, %s% is substituted with the text of your requirement which is unique to your contact or prospect.

For information on TRAI regulation on SMS marketing, refer to the below:


  • From your default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Apps -> SMS Templates. The SMS Templates window appears.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

  • Click Add Template. The SMS Template pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

  • Enter the template content and personalize it using the Mail-Merge fields in the Insert Parameter drop-down field.
  • Select Transactional (will be sent to LeadSquared support for approval) from the SMS Type drop-down field.
  • Select whether the template should be available to you only or to all users of your LeadSquared system from the Template Available to drop-down field.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

  • Click Save Template. The template is saved in the SMS templates window in draft status and is sent to the LeadSquared Support team for approval.

Note: Beforethe template is approved, the draft template is in Promotional status. Until it is approved by the LeadSquared team as a Transactional , you can use this template for Promotional SMSs.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

Once the template is approved, you will receive a confirmation via Email. Once this is done, follow the steps below:

  • From the SMS templates window, click icon against the required template. The Setup SMS Autoresponse pop-box appears.
  • Click Copy Webhoook URL to copy the Webhook URL.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

LeadSquared SMS Templates

  • Click Create. The Add Webhook pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared SMS Templates

  • From the Event drop-down field, select the event type for which you want to send the Transactional SMS.
  • In the Webhook URL field, paste the Transactional SMS Webhook URL.
  • From the Content Type drop-down field, select applicationm/json.
  • Give the required description and click Save.

Once this is done,  the transactional SMS is sent to the lead once the selected event type occurs.

For any queries related to Transactional SMS, please Email to

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