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How to do the Advanced Settings of the Facebook Lead Ads Connector?

The Advanced Settings of the Facebook Lead Ads Connector captures Campaign Name along with other lead details from ‘Facebook Lead Ads’ directly into LeadSquared. For more information on Facebook Lead Ads Connector, refer to Facebook Lead Ads Connector


  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared system.
  • Facebook Lead Ads Connector should be installed in your LeadSquared system.
  • Please use a new facebook app instead using an already existing one.
  • Please remove all the existing mappings for all pages and forms done using Facebook Lead Ads Connector before doing the Advanced Settings.



  • From the Register as a Facebook Developer pop-up box, select Yes and click Next. The next pop-up box appears.



Click Create App ID. The Create a New App ID pop-up box appears.

create new app id

  • Enter the Display Name and select a category from the Category drop-down list.

create new app id category

  • Click Create App ID. This redirects you to the Product Setup window.



  • From the left pane, select Dashboard. The Dashboard window appears.

Note: Please note down the App ID and App Secret key. This is required to complete the procedure.

  • Click Choose Platform. The Select a platform to get started pop-up box appears.


  • Select Website. The Quick Start for Website window appears.

  • Scroll down on this window and Tell us about your website section.

site url

  • In the Site URL field, enter the following URL and click Next.


The Quick Start for Website procedure is finished.

Once this is done, follow the steps below:


  • Click Show Installed apps and select Facebook Lead Ads Connector.

fb lead ads

  • Under SETTINGS, click Configure. The Configure Facebook Lead Ads Connector pop-up box appears.

advanced settings

  • Click Advanced Settings. A pop-up box appears.

app id

  • Enter the App Id and App Secret key here which you had noted down previously.
  • Click Submit. The below message box appears.

configure app

  • Click Connect with Facebook which allows you to map to your Facebook pages.