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How to edit a Drip Campaign step without stopping it?

Leadsquared allows you to edit the Actions (Emails) created in an Drip Campaign without having to stop the Drip Campaign completely.

For the exisiting email Actions, you can make changes to the Email Content of the actions and also Reschedule the Time the email has to be sent .

To get an overview of Drip Campaigns, refer to the following article. How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns.


A Drip Campaign is Scheduled and Started already.

Procedure to Edit/Modify the Actions of Drip Campaign without stopping it:

1.  Navigate to Marketing -> Drip Campaigns to see the grid of Drip Campaigns.

In the below figure you can see the Drip Campaign is in Started state with 2 Actions Running 

2.  Hover on Actions icon of the Drip Campaign to be edited and click on Edit option.

DC edit 2

You will be taken directly to the (Step-3) Set Actions of creating the Drip Campaigns.

Here you can see the existing Actions with enabled Pause buttons (in Red). 

Click the pause button and confirm the Pause action on popup.

Note: You can only edit the existing ones.

DC Edit 3

Confirm Pause action.

edit 4

Once an action is paused, you’d see the Start, Edit and Delete Action buttons enabled for the chosen Action you have paused.

The Action can be edited or even deleted here.

To edit the Action click on the Edit icon.

Edit Action

Click Edit the Action option/icon to edit the content and modify the delivery time as required on Edit Action popup.

i. Edit Action Details. & click Set Content.

dc edit act 1

ii. Edit/modify the Content in Set Content tab as needed and click Set Delivery Time.

DC act edit 2

iii. Modify & Reschedule the Delivery time if needed and Save the Action.

edit time dc

Once the Action is Saved, you would need to Resume or Re – Start the Action making it active.

DC act edit 3

Once Drip Campaign Actions are successfully edited and started, you can navigate away from the page directly.

Or you may proceed to the final Summary step to review the Drip Campaign details by clicking on Next button at the bottom of the page.

Review the Summary of the Drip Campaign and click on Exit to go back to the Drip Campaigns grid.

NOTE: As the Drip Campaign is already in Started state, it cannot/need not be re-started.

Therefore  Save and Start button is seen disabled as shown in the image above.

Exit DC

That is all about editing and modifying the Email Actions of a Drip Campaign, without actually stopping the Campaign.

For information on creating drip campaigns see : Create & Schedule Drip Campaigns.