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How to Import Lead Tags?

Tags can be associated with Leads using tag import operation.  Note that the tags can be associated only with existing leads. So if you have a fresh list then import that first and then perform the tag import operation. 


To import lead tags:

  • Click Import Lead Tags. The Select a CSV to Upload pop-up box appears.


Note: The CSV file should contain the Email IDs of the leads which is already existing in your LeadSquared system and the corresponding tags which should assigned to those leads.

  • Click Upload CSV and select the required file to import. The Lead tags are imported against the corresponding leads with a message as shown in the image below.


Note: If the CSV file contains Email IDs of leads which do not exist in your LeadSquared system, a message as shown in the below image appears when you import the CSV file.

You can continue to import by skipping the rows with these Email IDs.

Once the import is finished, the above message box appears.


Once the process is complete, the tags are assigned against the Leads in the Managed Leads window.