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How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not execute leads that are created manually?

To understand about Lead Distribution App and how to add and configure the App in LeadSquared, please refer to the following article:  Lead Distribution Automation in LeadSquared

And to know how to define the rules  for lead distribution refer to the following article:

Creating Lead Distribution Rules

How to make sure that Lead Distribution App does not Execute or process the leads that are created Manually.


You should have Admin access i.e., you should be an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account.


 In the General Settings section of the Lead Distribution Page (shown below), you may control the lead distribution by choosing relevant options under “DO NOT process leads which are created through these origins:

To stop lead distribution on Manually added leads, select/check the boxes next to Added through “Quick Add Form” & “Add Lead Form” (through LeadSquared application).

Gen Settings Lead Dist RuleClick on Update Settings button for the settings to be effective on the Lead Distribution Rules.