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Integrate IndiaMART with LeadSquared

This Help Article explains how to map data from IndiaMART to the corresponding Lead Fields of LeadSquared using the Lead Marketplace App. For more information on the installation and working of Lead Marketplace App, refer to Lead Marketplace App.


  • You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared system.
  • The Lead Marketplace App must be installed in your LeadSquared system.


After the installation and configuration of the Lead Marketplace App is completed, follow the steps below:

  • Go to APPS -> Lead Marketplaces. The Lead Marketplaces window appears.


  • Click IndiaMART on the left pane and the IndiaMART Connector pop-up appears on the right pane.
  • Complete the following details:
    • User Mobile Number : Enter your IndiaMART mobile number.
    • User Mobile Key: Enter your IndiaMART mobile key.
  • Click Next. The Lead fields mapping window appears.


This area allows you to map the IndiaMART lead fields to the LeadSquared fields by selecting from the drop-down field. By default, the fields are mapped to the prefered Lead fields of LeadSquared. However, if you want to map a IndiaMART field to another lead field or a custom field of your choice, you can do this by selecting the required field from the drop-down field.

By default, the Additional Fields section field values are given as Ignore. You are advised to create custom fields in LeadSquared and map the additional fields to the custom fields accordingly. For more information on Custom Fields, refer to How to create custom fields in LeadSquared?


Note: This is applicable to all the fields in the mapping area except for Lead Source where the value is assigned rather than mapped.

  • After the mapping is completed, click Next. The next step of the setting up appears.


  • Select the required Custom Activity type from the drop-down list, which posts the details to the Lead as an activity when the Lead is created.


  • Click Save. The configuration and mapping is saved.


  • Last lead processed – This field displays the last field that was captured in your LeadSquared system from IndiaMART.
  • Total leads processed – This fields displays the total number of leads that is captured in your LeadSquared system from IndiaMART in the last 30 days.
  • Change Configuration – This field allows you to change the existing mapping of the Lead Fields between LeadSquared and IndiaMART even after the lead details starts getting captured.