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How to measure and track performance of sales team using User Performance Report?

LeadSquared allows you analyse the performance of your sales team through the the User Performance Report. This report shows you the list of users (sales team) that have performed various activities and also shows you the associated score for each user. You use this article to learn how to effectively measure the performance of your sales team.


  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared account.
  • You have created Custom Notable Activities and associated a Score for each activity. For more information on this, refer to How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?
  • Ensure that the activity type that you create for your sales team is Outbound.


  • From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Dashboard -> Analytics. Click User Performance Report.

User List

2. You can customize what you want to see in this report. You have the option of selecting the Users, selecting the Activities and also the Time Interval. You can do so by clicking on the respective buttons in the report page.

Select Activities

3. You can view more information about the user by clicking on the user name. You will be re-directed to the User Report page. Here you can view the number of leads associated with the user, activities done by the user and so on. You can choose the time interval in this page also.

User Report

In the User Report, you can view the number of leads contacted, number of conversions that have taken place and comments regarding each lead (Not Responding). You can also view the Outbound activities performed by the user.

You can easily track the performance of the user based on the statistics available to you. Also, you can set practical targets for the user, in the future based on their performance metrics. You can also assign separate tasks to individual users based on their performance.