How to Migrate from Facebook Lead Ads Connector to Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector?

This article lists down steps to help you migrate from the old Facebook Lead Ads Connector to the new Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector (v2).

LeadSquared Facebook Instagram Integration



  • Migration steps have to be performed by LeadSquared Admin users, i.e., only those who’ve connected the Facebook account to the old connector.
  • The admin users must have all the required permissions on Facebook, such as Manage Page and Lead Access. To know more, please refer to Troubleshooting.


Step One – Set up the Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector (v2)

To know how to set up the connector, please refer to Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads Connector.

  1. Connect your Facebook account to the new connector. To know more, please refer to Connect Ad Accounts.
  2. Ensure all the necessary permissions are enabled when connecting your Facebook account.
  3. Connect all your Facebook pages (configured on the old account) to the new account. To know more, please refer to Connect Pages.
  4. Map your Facebook LeadGen form fields to the corresponding LeadSquared lead fields. To know more, please refer to Default Field Mapping.
    • If a form you’re looking to map is linked to the old connector, then connect it to the new connector in the “Draft” state.
  5. Create a test lead through Facebook. To know more, please refer to Test Lead.
  6. Then, ensure the test lead your created is showing up under Logs & Reports.
    • Here, live leads won’t show up until the old connector is uninstalled and all the forms are Activated in the new connector.

Note: Before moving to Step 2, please ensure –

  • All the forms/pages are connected with Facebook/Instagram Ads connector.
  • Test leads are successfully created for each form that’s connected, on the Logs screen.


Step Two – Connect & Activate LeadGen Forms

After you complete Step 1, connect your LeadGen Forms to the new connector, and activate it. This ensures all the leads are captured successfully. To know more, please refer to Connect LeadGen Form.

Note: In case you’re facing issues when connecting LeadGen Forms, please refer to Troubleshooting – Other Issues.


Step Three – Uninstall the Old Facebook Connector in LeadSquared

After completing Steps 1 and 2, uninstall and remove the old connector from LeadSquared. To do this –

  1. Navigate to Apps>App Marketplace, and search for Facebook Lead Ads.
  2. Hover your cursor over the  icon, and click Disable.
  3. Then, click Remove. The connector is removed from your account.


Step Four – Remove the Old Connector from Facebook

Once you’ve uninstalled the Facebook Lead Ads connector in LeadSquared, remove the connector from your Facebook Business account as well. To do this –

  1. On your Facebook account, navigate to My Profile>Settings & privacy>Settings>Business integrations.
  2. From the Active tab, select the LeadSquared LeadAds Connector, and click Remove.
  3. On the Remove LeadSquared LeadAds Connector pop-up, select both the checkboxes and click Remove.

LeadSquared Facebook Instagram Integration

Once you complete all four steps, lead capture through the old connector will be discontinued, and you have now successfully migrated to the Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads (v2) connector.

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