How to Send SMS using the Automation Feature of LeadSquared?

This help article allows you to understand how to send SMS using the SMS Marketing App and the Automation feature of LeadSquared. You can automate sending SMS to your leads by setting up the following:

  • Configuring the LeadSquared SMS Marketing App
  • Using Send SMS as an action in your automation


  • You must install an SMS Connector from the Apps Marketplace
  • Automation feature must be enabled in your account


Note: The Send SMS action appears in your Automation only once your SMS Marketing App is installed and configured in your LeadSquared account

For help on, how to create an automation, refer to How to Create an Automation?

Consider that you want to create an automation for the following scenario:

When a new lead is created, send a follow up SMS to the lead

To do this:

  • Select New Lead as the trigger.

  • Click . The Choose Condition or Action menu appears:

  • Click Messaging and select Send SMS. The Configure SMS template pop-up box appears which allows you to select the predefined SMS templates:

  • Select the required template from the Select a template list and click Save Message. Once a new lead is created, an SMS using the selected template is sent to the lead.

You can use the above procedure to send SMS for various other scenarios.

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