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How to send test emails from Drip Campaign steps?

You can test the Email Actions set up in a Drip Campaign while creating the campaign.

This helps to review how the emails appear to the Leads when delivered.

For help with creating or setting up Drip Campaigns,  click here.

Procedure : For sending test emails for a review before scheduling the Drip Campaign.

In Step 3 “Set Actions” of creating the Drip Campaign, while setting up/ Adding the Action > In Set Content step >

You can draft the email body (or use a draft from email Library); here you can Test the Email by sending it your personal email id to review content see how the content renders in email clients.

To send test email, click on “Test”  button on the bottom right of the popup.

Key in your email id on the Test email popup and Send the test email.

send test email dc

Email sent notification appears. You may review and make changes if any to the Email Content and Set Delivery Time and Save the Email Action.

Proceed to the final step (Step 4- Summary) of creating & scheduling the Drip Campaign and Click on Save and Start to start the Drip Campaign.

For help with complete information on creating Drip Campaigns see. Drip Campaigns.