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How to trigger SMS to a Lead after an activity is added?

You can send an automated SMS/text-message to your leads when a lead Activity is added in LeadSquared. These text messages are transactional in nature, meaning they can be sent to phone numbers marked DND (do not disturb). But, there will be a limitation to what you can send.


1) Your SMS connector should be configured and active. Please contact your Admin user if you can’t see SMS feature in LeadSquared.

2) Sending SMS will incur extra cost. Please get in touch with support@leadsquared.com about the cost details.

NOTE: This is an add-on service and you will need to contact support@leadsquared.com to buy this additional service.

Steps to configure automated SMS for a Lead Activity :

1. Go to APP -> SMS Templates and create a transactional message template for the SMS. You can find more about creating templates at Creating SMS Templates.

NOTE : Transactional Templates created will be sent to LeadSquared Support team for approval. Once approved the icon to Setup Auto Response SMS will be enabled.

2. Use the “Setup Autoresponse SMS” option on the chosen template as shown  below. Copy the webhook URL.


3. Navigate to,  My Account -> Settings -> API and Webhooks ->Webhooks and click “Create”

Webhook new

4. Click on Create  button. Make the following settings in the Add Webhook section

  • Event: Lead Activity Creation.
  • Activity event: Select a required event for which an Automated SMS has to be sent
  • Webhook URL: the URL you copied from SMS template page
  • Description: Enter a brief description for the webhook.

select activity

Paste the webhook URL in the field specified for it and press Verify to make sure webhook is correctly captured.

Once the Webhook is verified “Success” message will be displayed and Save button gets enabled.

Save Webhook

5. Click on Save button to enable the webhook.

That’s all. Once a lead activity (eg: ‘Had a Phone Conversation’ etc) is recorded in LeadSquared  an automated SMS message as per the template you selected will be sent to the lead.

Here is an example: To add an Activity; Navigate to Leads -> Manage leads -> Click on a lead to see Lead Details page.

Once an activity (For instance; a phone conversation) happens, you may add an activity as shown in the figure below.

Select the Activity type from the dropdown and Click on Add.

add notable activity ex

The activity is captured in Activity History and an automated SMS will be sent to the lead as per the template.

activity added