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How to use mobile number verification feature for Landing Pages?

You can verify the mobile number, entered by leads, in your landing page forms. This reduces the number of old/fake/non existent numbers of leads. It also leads to more number of genuine lead details. Here is how it works. When a lead submits mobile phone number on a landing page form, an SMS will be sent to that particular number. The SMS is an input, to complete the  form submission.

NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default. Please contact support@leadsquared.com if you want to use this feature.

How to add verification feature ?

A new field type is introduced in custom fields called Phone.  By default phone number and mobile number are Phone type.  Only fields which are Phone type can be verified through SMS in landing pages.

1. Navigate to the landing page editor. As you are aware, a form should be used to capture a mobile number.

2. In the Form Designer window, add Phone Number or Mobile Number as one of the fields in your form.

Form Designer

3. Click on phone number field. In the Lead Field Properties box, click on Verify by SMS check box.

Verify by SMS

4. Click on Save to add the verification feature, and you are good to go. Once you publish the landing page, those leads who submt their phone numbers will get an SMS, which they must use, in order to complete the form submission.

How does the feature work ?

1. The lead has to fill in a valid phone number in the landing page form. This number will be validated by LeadSquared. The below screen shot is a sample form with phone verification feature.


The user has to enter a valid number. It should be a 10 digit number. The user has to click on Submit.

2. A verification window opens up. Simultaneously, the user will now receive an SMS, containing a 6 digit code. This code has to be entered in the verification window. Verify button should be clicked.

Enter Code

3. If the user has entered the correct code, a success message will be displayed and the data is captured in your LeadSquared account.