How to Use the Twilio SMS App

The Twilio SMS App lets you integrate your Twilio account with LeadSquared to –

  • Track SMS responses from customers.
  • Auto-respond to customers with fixed messages.

To send text messages to leads, you must integrate Twilio with your LeadSquared account through the SMS Marketing App. The Twilio SMS app discussed in this article gives you extended functionality in addition to your Twilio – LeadSquared integration. For more information, see How do I configure Twilio SMS with LeadSquared.



  • Twilio must be integrated with your LeadSquared account through the SMS Marketing app.
  • You must be an administrator user in your LeadSquared account.
  • You must have a Twilio account.



  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Apps>App Marketplace and search for Twilio SMS App.
  2. Click Install.

Twilio SMS



  1. Hover the cursor over the SettingsSettings iconicon and click Configure.
  2. On the Configure Twilio SMS App pop-up, enter
    • the auto-response message you want customers to receive.
    • An activity type to record the response (SMS activity by default).
  3. Click Save Settings. You’ll receive a URL after saving the settings. You’ll have to configure this URL in our Twilio account.

Configure Twilio

In your Twilio Account, from your Dashboard, navigate to the Manage Numbers page –

Click on the phone number you want to capture SMS responses for –


Scroll down to the Messaging section. For the webhook URL alongside the ‘A Message Comes In‘ setting, paste the URL you received after saving your settings in the LeadSquared Configure Twilio SMS App pop-up –

Webhook config

Save your settings and you’re all set! Now responses to the configured phone number will be tracked and the auto-response messages you’ve entered will be sent to your customers.

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