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How to use the various LeadSquared Zaps to automate tasks and save time?

The LeadSquared Zapier integration allows you to integrate your LeadSquared account with numerous third party web services. This is achieved using the Zapier web automation service. Zapier allows you to create Zaps which performs the automation for you. For more information on Zapier and Zaps, refer here.

Note: It is important that you understand and familiarize with the concept of Zaps before you proceed

Create Zaps

To get hands-on experience on creating Zaps with LeadSquared, refer to LeadSquared Zapier Integration.

LeadSquared has several readymade Zaps to choose from, which you can start using instantly.

Example: To Add all your LinkedIn lead form submissions as Leads in LeadSquared, use the readymade Zap given below:

You can also add additional actions to these Zaps based on your requirement. The below image shows the readymade Zaps available:


  • You should be an administrator user of your LeadSquared account.
  • You should have a Zapier account. For more information on the various plans of Zapier, refer to Zapier Pricing.
  • You should have a LeadSquared account with access to webhooks. For more information on Webhooks, refer to Webhooks.

How to access and use the ready made Zaps of LeadSquared?

  • Log on to your LeadSquared account. The default dashboard appears:

  • Go to Apps -> Apps MarketPlace. Under the Categories pane on the left side, select Generic Integration -> Zapier.

  • Click Install. Zapier is installed.

  • Click Configure under the anchor icon. The Configure Zapier App pop-up box appears:

This pop-up lists all the readymade LeadSquared Zaps. Each Zap has help documentation embedded within for better understanding. Select the Zap of your choice and start zapping.