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How to get Leads from Zopim Chat in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared provides connector for Zopim that will help in capturing visitors chatting on  your website as Leads in LeadSquared.


  1. You should be LeadSquared Administrator to do Zopim Connector Configuration
  2. You should have log-in access to the Zopim Chat account you are using for your business.


Configuring Zopim Connector in LeadSquared

Before Adding Zopim connector, add a Custom Notable Activity for the Zopim Chat activity.

Add Activity

Navigate to, My Account – Settings -> Customization > Custom Activities & Scores.

Notable activities

Add an activity for Zopim Chat conversation as follows:

Add custom act

Add Zopim Connector

Navigate to Apps > App Marketplace, select Zopim chat and click “Install”.

olark config

On installing Zopim connector, click on Zopim connector where you will be redirected to Zopim chat connector details page. This is not yet ready to be used.  You need do to two simple configuration steps to make it functional.


OR, On Installing the app, click on Show Installed Apps tab to configure Zopim connector.


In the connector configuration window, provide the values:

1) The lead source value that you want to associate with leads created through zopim chat

2) The name of chat conversation activity

3) You will get a unique email id after saving settings. As shown in the below screenshot.

Zopim Configuration

 To start capturing leads, just enable “Email Piping” from Zopim (Account -> Email Piping -> On)  and automatically send the chat transcripts to the email id you generated.

Zopim Piping

Note that a lead will be created only if at least Name or Email Address is provided by visitor. Refer to following image to see how entering name & email id can be made mandatory in Zopim:

Zopim Config