How to Get Leads from Zendesk Chat (Formerly Zopim) in LeadSquared?

If you use Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim), the Zendesk Chat Connector (v2) lets you capture new leads directly from your conversations. You can also –

  • Track chat conversations of existing leads. Once the app is installed and configured, the chat conversation activity is automatically created with four custom fields – location, department, rating and comment. These values are populated whenever available. Automations can also be set up for this activity type.
  • View conversation activities in the activity grid on the Manage Activities page.

Note: For users who have already integrated with the previous version of the Zendesk Chat Connector (v1) –

  1. Uninstall the old app.
  2. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Customization>Custom Activities & Scores and create 4 new custom fields under the Chat Conversation activity as follows –
    • Enter mx_Custom_1 as Location
    • mx_Custom_2 as Department
    • mx_Custom_3 as Rating
    • mx_Custom_4 as Comment
  3. Configure and install the app as instructed in this article. Make sure you select “Chat Conversation” as the activity while configuring the app.
  4. Send an email to with your LeadSquared Org Id/Account Number. Mention that you are updating to the new version. This will ensure duplicate activities don’t get created.



  1. You must be an Administrator user in LeadSquared.
  2. You must have log-in access to the Zendesk Chat account you’re integrating with.


Installation and Configuration

  1. Navigate to Apps>App Marketplace>Chat and click Install under the Zendesk Chat Connector v2.
  2. Once the app is installed, click the wheel icon in the top right corner of the connector, then click Configure.
  3. On the Configure Zendesk Chat Connector v2 pop-up, edit the default values for the lead source (Zendesk Chat by default) and activity type the chat will be recorded under (Chat Conversation by default) or continue with the default values. Click Save Settings.
  4. You’ll see a unique email address that you’ll need to enter in your Zendesk side configurations.

Zopim Config

5. To start capturing leads, just enable “Email Piping” from Zendesk/Zopim Chat (Account -> Email Piping -> On) and automatically send the chat transcripts to the email address generated in Step 4.

Zopim Piping

Note: A lead will be created only if at least “Name” or “Email Address” is provided by the visitor. Refer to the following image to see how you can make it mandatory for visitors to enter this fields.

Zopim Config

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