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You can now Update Mailing Preferences of Existing Leads in your account easily using a CSV file Upload.

Brief information to set the context here:

LeadSquared allows you to Manage subscription preferences of Leads using concept of Email Categories.

Leads can now choose to receive or Unsubscribe from emails (of select Email Categories) sent from your LeadSquared Account.

I.e., Leads may selectively unsubscribe from a few Categories of Emails without completely Unsubscribing from all email communication from you.

For more details see : Manage Email Categories


If you have the Mailing Preferences of  your existing Leads recorded in an Excel sheet and you Need to update the same in LeadSquared Account; you can easily update Mailing preferences of existing leads using a CSV file upload.


You should be an Administrator or a Marketing User of LeadSquared Account.


1. From the Main Menu navigate to My Account > Settings > Email Settings > Email Categories.

In Email Categories you will see Import Mailing Preferences section with an Import button.

path to Import

2. Click the Import button to see the Popup where you can Upload the CSV file.

Import Popup

CSV is a Comma-Separated Values file. If you have an Excel file you may Save it as CSV Comma Delimited format.

You may download the sample CSV file on popup.

Import CSV popup

Here is how a Sample CSV looks like.

It has 2 columns.

Column 1. For Email address of existing Leads.

Column 2. For Mailing PreferencesCodes of Unsubscribed Email Categories

Here you need to add the Codes of Unsubscribed Email Categories separated by commas.

(Say 1,2,3 would mean the client has chosen not to receive emails of these categories)

Codes CSV

codes of cats

Now, click Upload CSV button on the Popup an upload the required CSV file.

Click Continue.

Upload and continue

Import operation will be processed and Import Results will displayed on popup.

Import Success

With this you should have successfully updated Mailing preferences of leads.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any queries or concerns.

You may write to us at We’ll be glad to assist you further.

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