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Lead Grid Management

The various Lead Grid Management features in the Manage Leads window allows you to search and filter leads. You can also add tags to the leads and also select the columns (Lead Fields) to appear in the Lead Grid.

Searching Leads

You can search leads from the Manage Leads window using Quick Search and Advanced Search.

For more information, refer to the following articles:

Adding Tags

You can add lead tags to your leads which can be used to identify the leads. To do this:

From the Manage Leads window, select the required lead(s) and click Tag. The Tags pop-up box appears.



  • Add the required Tags and click Close.

Filters in Managed Leads

The various filters in the Managed Leads window are explained below. You can select multiple filters to give multiple criteria to filter the leads.

manage leads filters

Lead Stage: Select the required lead stage from the drop-down list. All the leads with the corresponding lead stage appears in the Lead grid.

Lead Source: Select the required lead source from the drop-down list. All the leads with the corresponding lead source appears in the Lead grid.

lead source filter

Lead Source: Select the required lead owner from the drop-down list. All the leads with the corresponding lead owner appears in the Lead grid.

lead owner

Date Range: Allows you to filter leads based on the selected date range. Select the required criteria from the drop-down fields.

date range

  • Select Custom from the drop-down field, if you want to filter based on custom date.

Select Columns

The select Columns feature allows you to select the columns (lead fields) to display in the lead grid.

select columns

  • Click Select Columns . The Select Lead Fields to view in grid pop-up box appears. Select the required lead field to appear in the lead grid and click Show Selected. Click Restore Default to restore to the default columns.

select lead fields to view in grid

Quick Filters in Manage Leads

Quick Filters allows you to find leads based on specific criteria. For information on this, refer to Create Quick Filter to Find Leads