LeadSquared CRM for Gmail

1. Feature Overview

The LeadSquared CRM for Gmail Chrome Extension allows you to track your Email and Leads in LeadSquared. If an email is from a new prospect, the extension creates a corresponding new lead in your LeadSquared system.

Use Cases

  • Create leads from emails, which are not present in your LeadSquared system.
  • Create activities for prospects and existing leads from Gmail.
  • Create follow-up tasks for leads from Gmail.
  • Send trackable emails to leads and prospects from Gmail.
  • Change the lead stage.


2. Procedure

To install the LeadSquared Chrome Extension –

  1. Click the URL given below. The LeadSquared CRM for Gmail pop-up box appears.



2. Click Add to Chrome

Once the installation is complete, follow the below steps –

  1. Log in to your Gmail account using your credentials. The below pop-up box appears.


Note – If you have already logged in to your Gmail inbox, please refresh in order for the above pop-up box to appear.

ii. Enter your LeadSquared Access Key and Secret Key here. For information on this, refer to How do I obtain API Access keys in LeadSquared?

iii. Click Done.

If the pop-up box does not appear, click Login to LeadSquared on top to enter the LeadSquared Access Key and Secret Key.

iv. Once this step is completed, go to any Email.


You can see that the highlighted features are now available in your email. They are explained below –

2.1 Track in LeadSquared

This feature allows you to add Email as leads which are not present in your LeadSquared system.

  1. Click Track in LeadSquaredThe contact is added as a Lead in your LeadSquared system.


ii. Click View lead in LeadSquared to view the details in the Lead Details window. The email activity is also added to the Activity History pane of the Lead Details window.


Note – If the email contact is already existing in your LeadSquared system, Track in LeadSquared is not available. Instead, the details of the lead are displayed on the right side of the email.


2.2 LeadSquared Activity

This feature allows you to add activities. If the lead is not present in your LeadSquared system, the Lead is created in your system and the activity is created under Lead Details.


The following activities are available under Lead Activity –

  • Negative Response to Email
  • Neutral Response to Email
  • Inbound Lead through Email
  • Positive Response to Email
  • Unsubscribed


2.3 Add Task

This feature allows you to schedule tasks to the Lead from the email.  The lead should be tracked and added as a Lead in your LeadSquared system prior to adding a task. Else, the below error message appears.


You can add the following tasks to the lead from the email which is captured in the Lead Details window of the corresponding Lead –

  • Follow-Up
  • Meeting
  • Phone Call

You can also create custom Task Type from the Tasks section of your LeadSquared system which is added to the Tasks list in the email. For more information on creating custom Task Type, refer to Managing Task Type.


2.4 Send Trackable Emails

This feature allows you to send trackable emails. The Email Open event is captured in the Lead Details window of the corresponding lead if the Lead is existing in your system. If the Lead is not present, it is created and then the Email Open event is captured in the Lead Details window.

To do this, use the LeadSquared Send button highlighted in the below image while sending a new email or replying to an email. This allows you to send Trackable Emails.


Note – Sales Users/Managers are not authorized to view or track the Leads created by Administrator users.

In order to remove the LeadSquared CRM for Gmail extension from Google Chrome, navigate Google Chrome>Settings>Extensions and remove.

How to Send a Calendar Invite to a Lead using LeadSquared Gmail Chrome Extension?

LeadSquared Gmail Chrome Extension allows you to send a calendar invite to a Lead when you create a task against the corresponding Lead.

To do this –

  1. From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared CRM, go to My Account>Settings>Customization>Tasks>Task Type. The Task Type pop-up appears.


ii. Against the required task type, select Enable Invite for Associated LeadClick Set Content against this and create the content. This is sent as the content of the Calendar invite to the Lead.

set content

Here is an example, the Follow-Up task is enabled with the Enable Invite for Associated Lead and the content is set.

Once the above steps are completed –

  1. Go to your Gmail account.
  2. Add a Follow-Up task under Add Task.
  3. Once the task is posted against the Lead, a calendar invite is also sent to the Lead with the details which you have set using the Set Condition feature in the previous step.

Similarly, you can set up calendar invites to be sent to your Leads for other task types as well.


2.5 Change the lead stage

The LeadSquared CRM for Gmail chrome extension also gives you the ability to directly change the lead stage from your Gmail account.

  1. To do this, click the actions wheel and select the Lead Stage Change option highlighted below –

ii. Now select the stage you want to transition the lead to from the New Value drop-down.

Your lead stage will be changed accordingly (from Prospect to Opportunity in the example above).


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