Social Media Discovery App

This app helps you discover the social profile of your leads. The app also helps monitor your twitter handle for any activity, and bring that activity to LeadSquared as leads and activities.

Features and Benefits
  1. Capture social profile of your leads from twitter.
  2. Track all twitter mentions in LeadSquared

Here are the details of features:

1. Twitter:

The App listens to twitter conversations and pulls the tweets that mention your twitter handle.

The one who tweets get captured as Lead and all the tweets will be logged as activities thereafter.

2. Social Profiles associated with lead email ids are pulled:

Note: This feature works only when a lead is created – so a lead needs to have email address when it is created.

We use a third party service called FullContact ( to pull social profiles.

So to enable this feature, you need to sign up for an account at , get an API key and update it in the app.  Once you do that, we will use your API key to pull social profiles.

3. Associate Tags from Social Media:

We use your FullContact service to pull more information on your leads captured from Twitter based on their twitter handle. And associate the information as Tags on leads.


1. You should be the Admin of your LeadSquared account.

2. For pulling Social profiles of leads and obtaining tags (for leads) from social media, you should have signed up for FullContact and obtained the API.

Procedure to Install and Setup the App in LeadSquared:

From the main menu, navigate to Apps > Apps Marketplace > Select category as Social Media to find the Social Media Discovery App.

Click Install to reach the App details page where it can be configured further.

Social apps

Hover the cursor on Settings on the App details page to see Configure option.

Click Configure to see configuration popup.

It has two tabs namely:

1. Twitter

2. Social Profiles.

These have to be configured as stated below.

1. Twitter:

To track or listen to tweets of leads when your Twitter handle is mentioned in it tick/select the check box under Twitter tab.

a. Enter the Twitter handle in the field. E.g., @Leadsquared.

b. Specify Twitter as the Source for the new leads captured from Twitter.

c. Specify the activity type to show the tweet as an activity for the Lead. You may choose Twitter mention that is available in the options.

Switch to 2nd tab Social Profiles.

Social Profiles :

Enable this feature by selecting/ticking the check box to discover social profiles of the leads automatically.

Once setup the app will automatically try to discover social profile data of the lead based on the email address or twitter handle of  lead.

Note: The update will only be done once when the lead is created. So a lead must have an email address while it is created as a lead in LeadSquared account.

This discovery works through a third party service called FullContact. You need to buy an API subscription at FullContact/API and paste your FullContact API key here.

Once necessary settings are completed click Save Settings.

That is all. The Social Media Discovery App is all set-up and you will see leads getting captured from various social media sources into LeadSquared.

Social Identifier Icons and Lead Image can be seen in the Vcards of Leads in Lead Details pages.

Tweets are captured as activities (2) for the lead and Tags/details pulled from various social media and are associated to the lead in Tags section(3) on Lead details page.

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