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LeadSquared to Salesforce to Integration – Overview

The LeadSquared to Salesforce integration allows you map and sync the various lead and activity data between your LeadSquared and Salesforce accounts. It allows you to enable a sync between the various Lead, Contact, Tasks and Events fields of LeadSquared and Salesforce. By enabling this sync, changes occurring in one system is automatically captured to the other.

By doing so, all the lead and activity data is captured in both the systems. You can analyze data from both the systems and plan your sales and marketing activities accordingly. This allows you to combine and utilize the features of both LeadSquared and Salesforce at the same time using the same lead and activity data.

You can setup a bi-directional (two way) sync for the the Lead and Contact fields. However, you can only set up a unidirectional (one way) sync for the Activity fields. Please see the below table for reference:

Use Case Examples

Consider that you have enabled mapping between the Annual Revenue field of Salesforce and Order Value field of LeadSquared. Using this revenue value, you can focus on improving the following:

  • Send marketing campaigns on those Leads where the revenue is low using the marketing features of LeadSquared like Email Campaign, Drip Campaign and Automation.
  • Segregate leads who have done more business with your company and keep them up-to-date with your latest products using the various marketing features of LeadSquared.

Similarly, consider that you have enabled mapping between the Engagement Score field of Salesforce and Lead Score field of LeadSquared. In Salesforce, you have enabled a condition to increase the engagement score of a lead by 50 when you close a business deal with the corresponding lead. This engagement score is captured to the LeadScore field of the corresponding Lead in LeadSquared. This score can be used as an event trigger in the Automation feature of LeadSquared to send a notification Emails to those leads whose LeadScore values are updated with a value greater than or equal to 50.


Mapping Tab for Lead and Contact Mapping

Allows you to map the various lead and activity fields of LeadSquared with Salesforce. The various mappings available are:

  • Lead Mapping – Allows you to map and sync the various Lead fields of Salesforce with the Lead fields of LeadSquared.
  • Contact Mapping – In Salesforce Leads are classified as Leads and Contacts. Contact mapping allows you to map and sync the various Contact fields of Salesforce with the Lead fields of LeadSquared.
  • Activity Mapping – Allows you to map and sync the various tasks and events in Salesforce as activities in your LeadSquared.

Schedule Lead and Activity Data Sync

Once the mapping is completed, you can set the time intervals during which the all the lead and activity data is synced between LeadSquared and Salesforce. You can also view the date-time when the last successful sync occurred between the two systems.

For detailed information on the installation and configuration of Salesforce, refer to the guides below: