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LeadSquared Tracking script for WordPress

The LeadSquared WordPress suite plugin allows you to install and configure the LeadSquared tracking script for your WordPress site.

The Leadsquared tracking script is used to track the Lead behaviour/visits on your website. When a tracking script is installed on your website and whenever a lead visits your website, you can track the lead visits in your Leadsquared account.


You must have Installed Leadsquared WordPress Suite plugin.


Step 1: On your WordPress account >Dasboard > Click on LeadSquared button.

tracking script_copy

Step 2: To activate the Leadsquared tracking script, hover the mouse over LeadSquared Tracking script dashboard  and click on the Activate button.

tracking script_copy_1

Step 3: On activating the tracking script, click on the Security credentials link and specify your unique Leadsquared account number.

account numberThe Leadsquared tracking script is unique for each account, you can get your unique Leadsquared account number as shown below.


Disable website tracking for specific webpage.

Note: On activating the Leadsquared tracking script on your website by default the script tracks all pages of your website. By using the Leadsquared WordPress Suite, you can restrict tracking specific webpage on your WordPress site.

The below steps illustrates the process of disabling the website tracking for specific webpage.

Stop tracking

Add a score when a Lead visits a specific webpage on your website.

The LeadSquared WordPress suite, allows you to add relevant score for a specific page / set of webpages of your website. By this whenever a Lead visits a specific webpage on your website relevant score will be added to the lead in Leadsquared.

The below steps illustrates the process of adding a score for specific webpage on your wordpress account.



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