Managing Lead Stages

Lead Stage represents the position of the lead in your Marketing/Sales funnel.

Leads may be at different levels of engagement with your offers depending upon their awareness, need, interest and budget. You can group Leads into different stages based on their similarity or disparity in their level of engagement.  The advantage of this grouping is that you can customize your method of Lead engagement and your offers for each Lead Stage.

As Lead progresses from being a mere Contact to Customer, it transitions several intermediate stages.

This transitioning of large collection of Leads typically forms a shape of a funnel.

Each Stage specifies the relative positioning of Leads in your Sales/Marketing funnel.

The position of a Lead in Marketing/Sales funnel based on its level of engagement is called Lead Stage.

For more details see : Understanding Lead Stages


Lead Stages help you with the following:

  1. Keep track of Leads at various levels of Sales/Marketing Cycle/Funnel.
  2. Qualify Leads and move junk leads to Inactive Stages thereby refining your Leads to be worked on.
  3. Leads at different levels can be engaged with relevant Nurturing content and methods

Qualify Leads and  move them through Active & Inactive Lead Stages accordingly:

You may qualify Leads and move Qualified Leads through Active Lead Stages.

For e.g., [Lead/Contact > Prospect > Opportunity > Customer]

Disqualified leads can be categorized into Inactive Lead Stages like Invalid, Not Interested etc.


By default, LeadSquared is configured with three fundamental Lead Stages:

  • Prospect
  • Opportunity
  • Customer

Lead Stages may vary from company to company and industry to industry.

Keeping this variation in mind, LeadSquared allows you to customize and add Lead Stages relevant for your business needs.

Configure and Manage Lead Stages in LeadSquared.

You are logged in as Admin User of your LeadSquared account.

I. You would see the Stages Classified as Active & Inactive Stages.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

The Active Stages are linked to the Overall Lead Funnel available on Administrator Dashboard.

Overall Lead Funnel shows leads in different Active Lead Stages.

This helps in easy monitoring of Leads in various levels in the business process.

LeadSquared Lead Stages


II. Default & Final Stages:

A. Default Lead Stage: 

When a New Lead is created in your account by any mode (Manual or Automated) it can be attributed a Default Stage. 

Prospect Stage in pre-set as the Default Stage in your LeadSquared account.

Default Stage is tagged with a Red Indicator at the corner.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

You can set any Custom Stage as Default by editing it and marking it as Default (See Edit Procedure Below).

B. Final Stage: 

The final stage in Sales Funnel typically corresponds to Leads that have converted to be Customers for your business.

Therefore by default Final Stage is named as Customer in LeadSquared Account.

You may however Rename the Final Stage as per your business needs if required.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

Note: Final Stage can not be deleted/Removed.


III. As stated earlier, you can completely Customize these Lead Stages as per your business needs.

You can easily do the following:

1. Add more Custom Lead Stages.

2. Edit / Modify the stages as required.

3. Reorder the Stages / Change the Sequential listing.

4. Delete non relevant lead Stages.


Edit & Delete operations should only be performed after ensuring No Leads are associated with the Lead Stage being edited or deleted.

Procedure to Customize Lead Stages:

1. Add Custom Lead Stages:  To add desired Custom Stages;

a. Click on Add button seen under Active / Inactive Stage Sections.

b. Name the Custom Stage. (To make it Default Stage select Default check box).

c. Click Save Icon

LeadSquared Lead Stages

2. Edit Lead Stages:

To edit and modify the Stages hover the cursor over the Stage Name to see the Edit Icon and click on it.

Note: Before Modifying the Stage name kindly make sure that no leads are attributed with the Stage being modified.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

You will be able to modify the Name and specify if it should be default Stage.

Once the changes are made click Save Icon.

You will see a Notification Popup where you can Confirm “Rename”.

Kindly read through the notification and if you wish to proceed, click Rename.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

3. Reorder Lead Stages:

You can Reorder or Change the sequential listing of Lead stages as per your requirement.

Stages can be moved up and down using the Up-Down icons on Each Stage as shown in the Image below.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

4. Delete Lead Stages: You may delete a Lead Stage by clicking the Delete Icon  available on the Stage Name.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

Note: Kindly make sure that No leads are associated with the Stage before deleting it.

On clicking You will see a confirmation popup where you can confirm Delete operation.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

IV: Comments on Stage Change:

You can enable Comments on Stage Change so that your Users can add a Note/Reason while changing the Lead’s Stage in your Sales/Marketing Funnel.

To enable comments on Stage Change > Select the  Check box > You will see Settings button.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

Settings: Click on Settings button to customize the Comments Field to be a Text Area or a Dropdown field with specific Options.

  1. You may modify and specify the Label name.
  2. Choose the data input type as Text Area or Dropdown for the Comments field. If you select Dropdown, you can specify the options.
  3. You may make it mandatory for the Users to add a reason/comment while changing Lead’s Stage.
  4. Click Save to complete configuration.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

LeadSquared Lead Stages


Note: Change Comment Field will be seen on Change Stage popup while performing Lead Stage Change for a lead from Manage Leads or Lead Details page.

LeadSquared Lead Stages

LeadSquared Lead Stages

That is all with Customizing & Managing Lead Stages.

You are good to go with using Lead Stages in your Account.

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Shruti Naidu
Shruti Naidu
5 months ago

Unable to add customised Lead sub stages in the dropdown as a dependent field.
Also the comment, even when captured in dropdown can not be retrieved as a Lead field.

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Shruti Naidu
4 months ago

Hi, Shruti. This should not be happening. Please reach out to your account manager, or drop an email to support@leadsquared, elaborating on the issues you are facing. Thanks!