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Ozonetel CloudAgent Connector

LeadSquared integrates with Ozonetel’s CloudAgent contact center application. It helps track incoming and outgoing calls, view details of the lead who is being called, and send phone numbers in static and dynamic lists to outbound campaigns.

Connector Features

  1. Incoming call logging as leads & activities
  2. Outgoing call logging as leads & activities
  3. Outbound calls can be placed from LeadSquared through Ozonetel
  4. Outbound call campaigns in Ozonetel can be populated by one or more static/dynamic lists in LeadSquared.
  5. Route call to lead owner (sticky agent)
  6. Agent Popup
    1. When a call is routed to an agent, a popup is displayed on LeadSquared screen to allow agent to update details
    2. The agent popup screen is configurable under Settings -> Customization -> Forms
  7. Agent Panel: You can configure the agent panel to be displayed right from your LeadSquared account. Whenever an agent receives an incoming call, the panel will pop-up and allow complete control over call center actions
  8. Call disposition can be done from LeadSquared.
    1. When call disposition is done, the call disposition value can be stored in a configurable field; it could be Lead Stage,Lead Status etc.
  9. The call notes can be captured as a note or custom activity. This is also configurable.

Prerequisites to Setup Connector in LeadSquared Account:

1. You have a functional OzoneTel’s CloudAgent account.

2. You are an Admin User of your LeadSquared Account.


A. Install the OzoneTel Connector:

From the main menu, navigate to Apps > Apps Marketplace.

Click on Contact Center from the List of category and choose OzoneTel Connector and Click on Install.

Ozone tel

Now the App will be available for you in Installed Apps section ready to be configured.

(Navigation : Main Menu > Apps > Installed Apps)

B. Configure OzoneTel Connector:

Ozone setting

You may also, spot the connector in Apps > Installed Apps section and hover the cursor over the gear icon and  Configure the app.

Ozonetel Install

Configure Connector popup appears.


You will notice two tabs viz., Settings & User – Agent Mapping. These have to be configured and Saved.

In Settings tab each of the items is described below in a sequence.

1. API Key

: This corresponds to the API Key of OzoneTel Cloud Agent account.

To obtain the API key you would need to login as an Admin of your Cloud Agent Account.

Once logged in click on the Username seen to the right top corner of the page and click on Edit Profile option.

OT Edit Pro

Copy the KooKoo API key from the User Profile page and paste it in API Key field of Configure Connector popup.


Associated task you may do while you are on the same pages.

Settings to Post Call logs into your LeadSquared Account:

Now while you are on User Profile/ Edit Profile page of Cloud Agent Account, place the Call Log Webhook URL (available on the configure Connector popup) into Callback URL field as shown in the images below.

Call Log OT

CallBack URL OT5

This will enable posting of logs of all calls made through the Cloud Agent to your LeadSquared account. You may access the call logs in Lead Activity Stream available under Leads Menu.

Lead Act Stream

2. DID Number (s)

: These are Direct Inward Dialing numbers unique to your OzoneTel Cloud Agent account.

These can be found/obtained from the Campaigns section of your Cloud Agent Account.

In the Admin login of your Cloud Agent account, on the main menu click Campaigns, select the Campaign type to see all the campaigns in the grid. You can find the DIDs associated with the campaigns there.

DID Numbers

Copy these DID numbers and enter them in comma separated format in the Configure Connector popup’s DID number field.

DID config popup

3. OzoneTel User Name:

Enter the Username of your Cloud Agent Account here.

Username is the one used for logging in to your Cloud Agent Account. You can also find it in User Profile page.

To access it, click on Account name seen to the right of main menu bar an select Edit Profile option to see the User Profile page. Find Username there as shown below.


OT username

4.  Enable Click to Call :

Select this check box to enable Click to Call feature for your account.

This enables your LeadSquared account’s Users to initiate calls to the leads right from their LeadSquared accounts.

once enabled ‘Call’ option will be seen at various places for the leads to be called easily.

a. Lead Details Page: You may click on the phone number of the lead seen on the Vcard on Lead Details Page.

Call 1 lead details

b. Manage Leads Page: Hover the cursor on Actions (Gear) Icon corresponding to each lead to see Call Option in the list.

Call ManageLeads

C. In Lead Activity Stream:

You can initiate a call to the lead right from the Lead Activity Stream where all call logs are available.

Call from LAS

5. Enable Agent Call Notification :

When a User initiates an Outbound call or an Inbound Phone call from a lead is routed to a User, a notification in the form of an Outgoing/Incoming Call popup will be shown to the User on his LeadSquared account.

The User can update the Lead fields on popup, Save the details and Dispose the call right from the popup.

Note the calls referred to are those made by leads on the virtual or DID number associated with the Campaigns run on the OzoneTel’s Cloud Agent account.

Below are the images for your reference.

Incoming Phone call popup:

incoming call popup

The agent popup screen is configurable under Settings -> Customization -> Forms

Necessary Conditions/Settings for the Call Notification Pop-Ups to appear.

a. ‘Screen Pop-up Webhook’ URL: This URL is available on the OzoneTel Configure Connector Pop-Up.

Popup URL config

This URL has to be configured in your Ozonetel – CloudAgent Account.

In CloudAgent under ‘Campaigns‘ menu navigate to Inbound or Outbound Campaigns.

Click on one of the Campaign Name. You will be redirected to Campaign information page.

Campaign Names

In campaign information page, paste ‘Screen Pop-up Webhook’ URL in ScreenPop URL text box.

And change ‘Hit ScreenPop URI  At’ to ‘Server side’.

Popup for OTel

Note : The above procedure has to be repeated for all the campaigns which you want to be active.


b. User – Agent Mapping must is done appropriately. For more info refer to step 8 – User – Agent Mapping.

c. ‘Associate Phone Number’ & Enable ‘Show Incoming Call Popup’ in My Profile:

Users have to Associate their specific Agent phone number (Per CloudAgent) with their LeadSquared User accounts.

For the same; From LeadSquared main menu, navigate to My Account > Settings/Username > My Profile, click Edit button.

Associate Phone number & Select Show Incoming Call Popup.

associate phone numbers for OT

6. Agent Pop-Up:

Once the call is disposed a Custom Notable Activity (viz., Phone Call Note) will be recorded in the Activity history of the lead with the Call Notes taken during/after the call in the Notes field available on Popup.

Phone Call Note

OT popup notes only notes part

In addition to filling in lead details, you can also create tasks and activities directly from the agent pop-up.

7. Enable Agent Panel: The agent panel gives you a convenient way to manage your call center actions directly from your LeadSquared account.
To enable the agent panel, click the Enable Agent Panel checkbox, then click Save Configuration.

Once the configuration is enabled, the agent panel will show up on your LeadSquared account. Click the Expand icon on the panel to maximize the panel window.

The panel will automatically pop-up when you receive incoming calls and you can also place outgoing calls directly from here. All your call center actions can also be directly managed from here.

8. Handle Call Disposition in LeadSquared: By selecting/enabling this option you can choose to save the Call disposition value in a chosen custom Lead field.

Custom Lead Field where the call disposition value can be configured while Configuring the Connector.

Once Handle call disposition is selected, an option ‘ Update Lead Field with Disposition Value‘ appears where you can select the Custom Lead Field required to record Call disposition value.

Handle Call disposition

9. User – Agent Mapping:

Click on User – Agent Mapping tab next to the Settings tab on popup.

You can see all the Users of your LeadSquared Account listed there. (Image Shown below).

U A Mapping plain

In here each LeadSquared User has to be mapped with his/her OzoneTel Agent ID and OzoneTel Phone Name which is assigned in CloundAgent.

Agent Id can be fetched from CloudAgent account’s Main Menu > Configurations > Agents.

Phone Name can be fetched from the Menu > Configurations > Phone Numbers.

Simply click Edit enter Agent ID and Phone Name for each Agent and click Update (as shown below).

U A update


Switch back to Settings tab and Save Configuration to complete configuration of OzoneTel connector Settings.

Save Configuration


You will see a success notification.

success notification OT