Review Campaign

LeadSquared allows you to review your email campaign. It is recommended that you review the email campaign that you have created before sending it across.


  • You have logged in to LedSquared.
  • You have completed Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 of creating an email campaign.

Review your Email Campaign

1. Campaign Details: In this section you can review the Campaign Name, Sender Name, Number of Recipients (This shows the total number of unique recipients of the Email. It exclude leads  who have opted out, unsubscribed, or marked previous emails as spam. It also excluded duplicate members and members in the suppression list.), Recipient list and Suppression list names.

Campaign Details

2. HTML Message: In this section, you can see the HTML version of the email. You can preview it in a browser to check for its compatibility, correctness and its appearance. Here too, you will see the sender name and the subject.

HTML Preview

3. Text Message: In this section, you can review the Text version of the email. If  the HTML version is not delivered, the only the text version will be sent.

Text Review

4. Send for Review: Send your email campaign for review to the concerned people to get feedback and make any changes before you send out the email campaign. Note that sending your email campaign for review is optional in this step of the Email Campaign wizard.

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