Rules and Notifications

The Rules and Notifications feature of the LeadSquared application allows you to automate user notifications based on lead events. Notifications are sent to the user for the selected event types. The notifications can be sent through email. The data can be also sent using Webhooks.


  • You should be an administrator or marketing user of the LeadSquared application.
  • Your LeadSquared plan should be either standard or above.

The following are explained in this help article:

  • Accessing Rules and Notifications
  • Step 1 – Selecting the Trigger Event

Accessing Rules and Notifications
To access the Rules and Notifications feature of LeadSquared:

The Rules and Notifications display grid consist of the following:

  • Name: Name of the rule which is already created.
  • Event: Type of event selected for the notifications to be sent.
  • Action Type: The type of action selected for the corresponding event type. The action type can be either ‘Send Email’ or ‘Call Webhook’.
  • Actions: Lists the available set of actions for the already created rule. The actions available depends on the status of the created rule. The following actions are available for a rule:
    • Enable: Allows to enable a rule which is in draft or disabled status.
    • Edit: Allows to edit a rule which is in draft or disabled status. Rules which are in enabled status cannot be edited.
    • Delete: Allows to delete a rule which is in draft or disabled status. Rules which are in enabled status cannot be deleted.
    • Disable: Allows to disable a rule which is in enabled status.
    • View History: Allows to view the event history of the rule up to the past 10 days. It displays the status history of the rule whether it is a success or failure.

Click Show only failures to view the failure history in the display pane.

  • View Summary: Allows to view the summary of the rule.

The legend of the Rules and Notifications grid displays the three status types of a rule. They are:

  • Enabled: A rule which is enabled.
  • Draft: A rule which is created, but not enabled.
  • Disabled due to failures: A rule is disabled, if the Webhook fails repeatedly for 10 times.

Creating A Rule

Step 1 – Selecting the Trigger Event

Step 2 – Configure Conditions

Note: Please note that this is not a mandatory step.

Configure the conditions on which the rule must be triggered for the selected event type from step 1.

To do this:

  1. Click Configure Condition against Condition. The Select Criteria pop-up box appears.
  2. Select the search criteria from the drop-down lists and click Add.
  3. Select any of the following button from the Search for Leads that Match field:
    Any criteria – Select this, if the search matches any of the selected criteria.
    All Criteria – Select if you want the search to match all the selected criteria.
  4. Click Set Criteria.
  5. To add further conditions, click Update. To clear the conditions, click Clear.

update condition

  1. Click Provide Action Details.

Step 3 – Adding Actions to the Rule

Step 4 – Provide Rule Name and Description

  • Complete the following details:
    • Name: Enter the required rule name.
    • Description: Enter the required rule details. This is not a mandatory field.
  • Click Save, if you want to save the rule in draft status. Rules saved in draft status should be enabled from the Rules and Notifications display grid.
  • Click Save and Enable to save and enable the rule.

Additonal details window

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