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Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration – Installation and Authentication

This Help Article allows you to understand and complete the integration of your Salesforce CRM with your LeadSquared system. This integration allows you to enable a bi-directional (to and fro) sync between Salesforce and LeadSquared which enables you to map and sync the various Lead fields, Contact fields, Tasks and Activities between the two systems.

Use Case

Consider you have enabled the sync between Salesforce and LeadSquared and you have the mapped Lead fields and Activities. If you update the Lead Email and post an activity in Salesforce, the same details are synced in your LeadSquared system as well.


  • You should have a Salesforce and LeadSquared account.
  • You should be an administrator user of Salesforce.



submit ticket

  • Submit a ticket requesting for Salesforce integration with LeadSquared. The LeadSquared support team sends you an Email with the installation package URL.
  • Click the package URL and the Install LeadSquared Connector window appears:

Install for admin

Here you can select to for which users you can install the connectors. You can install for:

  • Administrator only
  • All Users
  • Specific users

Select the required installation type and click Install. The Approve Third-Party Access pop-up box appears.

approve third party

  • Select the Yes, grant access to these third-party websites box and click Continue. Once the installation is complete, the following window appears.

installation complete

The installation of the Salesforce connector is now complete. You need to now authenticate your LeadSquared account in Salesforce.


  • Go to your Salesforce account and from click Setup. The following window appears.


  • In the Quick Find/Search box on the left pane, enter and select Installed Packages. The Installed Packages window appears.

configure installed packages

  • Under Installed Packages, click Configure against LeadSquared Connector as highlighted in the above image. The LeadSquared connector Getting Started window appears.

As you can see in the above image, getting started with LeadSquared Salesforce connector involves three major steps:

  • Authentication
  • Mapping
  • Schedule Sync


Authentication involves providing your LeadSquared API keys. To do this:

  • On the left pane, click Authentication. The User Authentication window appears.

  • Enter your LeadSquared access key and secret key in the API Access Key and API Secret Key fields respectively. For more information on API keys and how to find them, refer to How do I obtain API Access keys in LeadSquared?
  • Click Authenticate & Save. LeadSquared is now authenticated with your Salesforce account with the message highlighted in the image below:

Once the authentication is successful, two new sections appear in the left pane of the LeadSquared connector window. They are:

  • Mapping – Allows you to set the mapping between the various fields, tasks and activities between Salesforce and LeadSquared
  • Configuration – Allows you to set the configuration of the sync between Salesforce and LeadSquared.

For more information on how to do the mapping and configuration for the Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration, refer to Salesforce to LeadSquared Integration – Configuration and Mapping

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