Schedule a Campaign

LeadSquared allows you to send out the email campaign immediately after you create the email or at any later time your want. You use this procedure to learn more about the scheduling feature of email campaigns.


  • You have logged in to LeadSquared.
  • You have completed Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 of creating an email campaign.


1. Send Email Campaign: Select this radio button if you want to send the email right away. Click on the Send Now button to do so.

2. Schedule Email Campaign: Select this radio button if  you want to choose the date and time to send the email campaign. Select the date in the Select Date box and select the time in the Select Time box. You can also select the time zone if you are sending the email across different time zone locations. Click on the Schedule button to enable sending of the email at the specified time.

Schedule Campaign

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