Select Recipients

LeadSquared allows you to choose the relevant recipients for your email campaigns. You can do so by creating a relevant list of leads and sending them the campaigns. LeadSquared also allows you to create a list of leads who you wish not to send the email campaigns.


  • You have logged in to LeadSquared.
  • You have completed Step 1 and Step 2 of creating an email campaign.


1. After you finish composing the email and you have clicked on Next, you will   be re-directed to the Select Recipients page. Here you can create a Recipient List and a Suppression List.

Select Recipient

2. A recipient list would contain a list of leads to whom the email should be sent and a suppression list would contain a list of leads to whom email should not be sent.

3. You can select the required list of leads in the drop down, if you have already created them. For more information on creating Lists, see  List Management – Feature Guide.

4. If you do not have a list relevant to the email, then, you can create a list in this page itself. Click on Create Recipient List, and a new window opens up.

Create a new list

5.  Specify the required criteria from the available options and click on Search Leads. You will get a list of leads satisfying the conditions. You can save the list as a static or a dynamic list. For more information, see List Management – Feature Guide.

6. Create suppression lists to prevent sending emails to certain lists of leads.

7. Once you have selected or created the relevant lists, click Next to review the email campaign.

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