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Selecting an Email Message Template

You can create email campaigns using any of the many templates available in LeadSquared.

If the templates do not match your requirement, you can design an email using the blank template editor or simply create an email from scratch using an HTML editor or Text editor. You can also copy an email as is, from an existing one.


You have logged in to LeadSquared.

You have Admin or Marketing User access to your LeadSquared account.


1. Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Email Campaign. Click on Create Email Campaign button.

EC 1

2. Give a suitable Name for your email campaign for your reference.
    The name can be any alphanumeric or special characters text string of maximum 100 characters.
You cannot proceed to the next steps without giving a name.

3. You may also need to specify an Email Category in case email categories are mandated in your account.
For more details on Managing Email Categories, click here.

EC 2

You would see 3 Options to select from, to create an Email.

A. Use Email Template  B. Use Draft Email & C. Copy from Sent Emails.


A. Use Email Template : Here you may choose from the existing beautiful templates offered by LeadSquared and use them by editing the content as per your need.

You may also build a rich email using the advanced email editor.

For help with designing an email from scratch see How to Design Beautiful Emails in LeadSquared.


B. Use Draft Email: Here you can create/draft an HTML email from scratch or use a pre-created draft from your Email Library. Click Next to go to the HTML Editor where you can draft the email.

EC 3

Choosing this option you can create an email from a blank template using either an HTML or a Text editor in the next step.

If you are drafting a very simple message and you want no junk email filter to block your message then you can select this option. The delivery rate of text emails is highest, but they do not contain any graphic elements in an email.

C. Copy from Sent Emails:

This option offers you to choose from already sent or executed Email campaigns.

You may use this option when you have to send similar email campaigns with slight modifications to the existing campaign content.

EC 4

Select any of the above options to create an email campaign. Click Next.