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Set Up Call Route Webhook in SR account

Super Receptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a Cloud Telephony environment.

If you are using Super Receptionist for your business, you can integrate it with LeadSquared to capture the lead with its phone number directly in your LeadSquared account.

For detailed help with configuring Super Receptionist with your LeadSquared account see:

Super Receptionist Connector configuration.

Here let’s see how Call Routing can be set up/enabled in Super Receptioninst account.


R1. Log in to your SR account and navigate to SETTINGS > HOOK API > Click Add API button.

Hook API

Add API pop-up appears.

R2. Add the Route Call Webhook.

  • Select GET as the Request type.
  • You may enter any name as the Name for API or simply “Route Call Webhook” for reference.
  • Paste the corresponding Webhook URL that was copied and noted earlier.
  • Click ADD

route call webhook

R3. Set up LeadSquared CALL ROUTING API in SR account for each extension appropriately.

Now you can setup the routing of calls from existing leads to their respective Lead Owners in LeadSquared.

Navigate to Settings > Call Flow > Rules > After Answer Rule.

Edit each or Required Extension/Rule where Phone is chosen as Action.

EDIT Rules

Once you click Edit option the After Answer Rule window opens up (For the chosen Rule)

  • Select YES for both Enable Fallback Rule and Use API for Agents options.
  • Next, from WhotoCall API select the relevant API name – Route Call Webhook, that you have specified earlier (In Step R2).
  • Also, you must select a Fallback Agents to receive calls in case the Lead Owner’s number is busy.

Route API

Save Rule once these steps are complete.

save Call Route

Now, Once these settings are done, all incoming calls from leads will be Routed/forwarded to their respective lead owners first and then to fallback agents, in case the owner could not answer the call.

You may edit more “After Answer”  extensions in similar way.