Setting Up LeadSquared Email Sync for Gmail Users

The LeadSquared Email Sync App connects to your email server, synchronizes sent and received emails, and creates leads and activities in your LeadSquared account.

This article deals with configuring the app for Gmail users. It assumes that you’ve met the following prerequisites –

Note: If your admin has already configured the Email Sync app, you can jump straight to the ‘Connecting Your Inbox’ section below.



1. You’ve installed and configured the LeadSquared Email Sync App with the details shown below –

gmail email sync

Email ProviderIMAP
Use SSLTrue

For more information, see LeadSquared Email Sync App.

2. You’ve navigated to Apps>Connect My Inbox. The Inbox Details tab is populated with the correct configurations. For more information, see Email Sync App – Connecting Your Inbox.


Connecting Your Inbox

This section details how you can connect your Gmail inbox to LeadSquared.

  • If two-factor authentication is Disabled for your Gmail account, you can use your regular Gmail password to connect your inbox, however, you’ll need to enable the ‘Less secure app access security’ permission in your google account.
  • If two-factor authentication is Enabled for your Gmail account, you will have to generate an app password from your Gmail account and use it to connect your inbox.

On the main menu, navigate to Apps>Connect My Inbox

connect my inbox


Two-Factor Authentication Disabled

  1. Navigate to your Google Account Settings page (
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Scroll down the page to the Less secure app access section, then click Turn on access.

less secure access

Now click the slider to enable access –

enable less secure acess

You can now provide your regular Gmail password, and click Connect My Inbox.

gmail pwd


Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

You must generate an App Password to give the email sync app access to your Gmail inbox. Provide your email address under the Email Server User (Login Name) textbox, then click the Gmail Users: Generate and Use App Password link.

gmail email pwd

This will direct you to the Google support page on generating App Passwords. You can follow the instructions listed there to generate an app password. The instructions have also been listed here for your convenience –

  1. Navigate to your Google Account Settings page (
  2. Click the Security Tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Signing in to Google section, then click App Passwords.

generate app pwd

4. Under the Select app drop-down select the Other (Custom name) option.

custom app google

5. Under the Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for textbox, type in  LeadSquared Email Sync. Click Generate.

generate app password

6. An app password for the LeadSquared Email Sync App will be displayed.

app pwd

7. Enter this password in the Connect my Inbox configurations.

gmail pwd


Next Steps

Navigate back to Email Sync – Connecting Your Inbox for details on the rest of the general configuration process.

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10 months ago

How to sync a general email address(eg: that has multiple accounts associated with it (eg:,, etc)?

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