Specific Scenarios in Dependent Lead Fields

There are various special scenarios you may encounter while you are using the Dependent Fields feature of LeadSquared. They are explained below:

  • You cannot select a child field which has ‘Lock After Create‘ enabled from the Lead Field Properties. Please see the below images for reference.

lead field properties

lock after create

  • While creating Dependency, child field which is checked for Use in Lead Clone is not allowed to create dependency, if the parent field is not checked for Use in Lead Clone in the Lead Field properties.
  •  The values which you provide for the child field from the Create Dependent Lead Field pop-up box overrides the default values which you can provide from the Input Data Properties of the Lead Field properties.
  • You can create dependency for only two drop-down lead fields at a time. To create multi level dependencies, create a dependency with the last child drop-down lead field for which you had created the dependency.

Note: The values which you can provide to the child lead field from the Create Dependent Lead Field pop-up box is unique to each dependency. For a different parent, the child values can change. If the dependency is removed between two lead fields, the default values of the child field, which you provide from the Lead Field properties are restored.

Example: Consider if you have created a dependency between ‘Country'(parent) and ‘State’ (child). If you want to map ‘District’ to this, create a dependency between ‘State’ and ‘City’ with ‘State’ as the parent and ‘City’ as the child. By doing so, ‘City’ becomes a child of ‘Country’.

  • If ‘Show in Quick Add’ is enabled for the child field from Lead Properties and the parent field does not have it enabled, the child field appears as a text box instead of a drop-down list.
  • While determining the Lead Fields to create the dependency, if you select Dropdown with others from Show As from Lead Properties, then the child field also has a text box  ‘Others’ below the drop-down list in the Leadform where you can enter the details if required. See the below images for reference.

input data properties

others tab

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