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LeadSquared Telephony Connector -SR

Integrate Super-Receptionist with LeadSquared

Super Receptionist  (SR) is a personal reception hosted virtually in a cloud telephony environment.

If you are using Super Receptionist for your business, you can integrate it with LeadSquared to capture the lead with its phone number directly in your LeadSquared account.

Super Receptionist connector in LeadSquared allows you to:

  • Track incoming calls from leads.
  • Create Leads with phone number.
  • Merge phone numbers with existing lead details.
  • Direct incoming calls from leads to respective lead owners.
  • Make outbound calls using Click to call feature
  • Track outbound calls.


  • You must be an Admin User of your LeadSquared account.
  • Your LeadSquared plan supports telephony integration
  • You are using the Super Receptionist (Knowlarity) service. It is configured and active.


1. Get your SR Virtual Number and API Key

Login to your Super Receptionist account to get the API Key and Virtual Numbers.

Your Super receptionist phone number is your Virtual Number.

SR number 1



In Plan Settings scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the API key of your SR account.


Copy and Note the API Key.

 Setting up the Super Receptionist App in LeadSquared

 1. Navigate to APPS -> Apps Marketplace and select “Super Receptionist” from the list of categories and click on Install.


Now the App will be available for you in Installed Apps section.

2. Navigate to APPS -> Installed Apps.

Locate the Telephony Connector and click on Configure:

Telephony Connector INstalled

3.  Configure Connector pop-up window will show up. Select Super Receptionist in the drop down and click Select.

Select Provider

4.  You will see configuration options on the screen.

new SR one number

API Key:  Paste the the API Key of Super Receptionist (SR) copied earlier from the SR account.

Enable Multiple Virtual Numbers: 

If you have just one SR Virtual Number, select No and kindly Skip to the next description below – Virtual Number(s).

Else to add multiple SR Virtual Numbers select Yes.

save configuration new SR

Procedure to add Multiple Virtual Numbers :

Once Yes is selected, you will see another Tab viz., Multiple Virtual Numbers appear to the right of Settings  tab. (If you do not see it, kindly close the popup and click configure option for the App [refer to step 2 above] again and proceed further)

You may add more Numbers and associate a TAG with each Number for your reference.

Add Virtual Number

Click Add Virtual Number to see Add New Number Pop-up.

Add Phone number and Tag it with a Name for your reference and click Add.

add tag & number

You will see the number added to the list of SR virtual numbers.

3rd SR added

On this Tab you can Edit the Tags associated with SR numbers.

Once done switch to Settings tab to complete further configuration.


Virtual Number(s): This is seen if you choose No as option for Enable Multiple Virtual Number.

Enter your SR Virtual Number in format +91-XXXXXXXXXX.

Please check previous section if you don’t have SR Virtual Number.

new SR one number

Enable Click to Call:  Select this option if you plan to make outbound calls using SR directly from LeadSquared.

Enable Agent Call Notification:  Check it if you want to show a pop-up to display/capture details of the caller. Sample pop-up is shown below:

popup with view details

Knowlarity Solution: Select “Super Receptionist”

5. Click Save Configuration to see configuration Success Notification.

save configuration new SR

Copy the Webhook names and corresponding API signatures (webhook URLs) seen below Save Configuration Button. Make a note of these.

webhook API Signatures

Log Call Webhook: This is the Webhook that SR uses to log call data in LeadSquared

Log Call Webhook [Async]: Same as Log Call Webhook.  The only difference is that call data will be captured asynchronously.

Route Call Webhook:  This Webhook helps SR in routing the call received from an existing lead to appropriate Lead owner in LeadSquared automatically.

Note that the Webhook URLs (API Signature) are unique to each LeadSquared account. Do not share them with others. 

Setup LeadSquared Webhooks in SR

 1. Login to your SR account and navigate to SETTINGS > HOOK API > Click Add API button.

Hook API

Add API popup will be seen.

2.   Add the Log Call Webhook first.  You can add either “Log Call Webhook” or “Log Call Webhook [Async]”.  There would not be a need to add both.

  • Select POST as the Request type. 
  • You may enter any name as the Name for API or simply “Log Call Webhook” for reference.
  • Paste the corresponding Webhook URL that was copied earlier.
  • Click ADD


3. Add the Route Call Webhook next.

  • Select GET as the Request type. 
  • You may enter any name as the Name for API or simply “Route Call Webhook” for reference.
  • Paste the corresponding Webhook URL that was copied and noted earlier.
  • Click ADD

route call webhook

Now, to Get Call Logs into LeadSquared;      Add  POST CALL HOOKS

4. In SR account, navigate to SETTINGS > CALL FLOW > RULES

post call hooks

Scroll down to see POST CALL HOOKS section.  Click Add Hook API button.

hook api 2

Select Log Call Webhook from Select API drop-down and  click Add.

post hook log call

5. Now you are all set to receive Phone Call data logs into your LeadSquared account.

Call logs can be accessed from Lead Activity Stream under Leads Menu.

(Refer to Where can I track the Inbound calls in LeadSquared.)

Setup LeadSquared CALL ROUTING API in SR account

6. Now you can setup the routing of calls from existing leads to their respective Lead Owners in LeadSquared.

Navigate to Settings > Call Flow > Rules > After Answer Rule.

Edit each Rule where Phone is chosen as Action.

the My Receptionist section and select a relevant “After Answer” rule to edit.

EDIT Rules

7.  The After Answer Rule window opens up.

Select YES for both Enable Fallback Rule and Use API for Agents options.

Next, from WhotoCall API select the relevant API name – Route Call Webhook, that you have specified (Step 3 of this section).

Also, you must select a Fallback Agents to receive calls incase the Lead Owner number is busy.

Route API

Save Rule once these steps are complete.

save Call Route

After this, the incoming calls from leads will be forwarded to the respective lead owners and then to fallback agents. You may edit more “After Answer”  extensions in similar way.

These are all needed to be done in your  Super Receptionist account for LeadSquared integration.

Final changes before you test the calls

In your LeadSquared account make sure you have users having phone numbers corresponding to your agents in Super Receptionist.

You can update phone number of your LeadSquared users at My Account -> Settings -> Users & Roles:

User Settings

Using the LeadSquared SR Connector

Where can I track the inbound calls in LeadSquared?

You can track the incoming phone calls in the Lead Activity Stream.  You will see this as a new menu option under Leads menu after SR connector is setup.

Note: Incoming calls matching a lead’s secondary phone number will be tracked without creating a duplicate lead.


Here, you can update lead details, merge the phone number with a lead, or discard the phone number if not relevant. The phone numbers will also be added as leads and will be visible in the Manage Leads page.

Check this article on details of  Lead Activity Stream, How can I make use of the Lead Activity Stream?

How can I make outbound calls through SR connector in LeadSquared?

LeadSquared allows you to make outbound calls, through the Super Receptionist connector.  After your SR connector configuration is done you will see an option to make call in three places: Manage Leads (including lead page inside Lists), Lead Details, Lead Activity Stream.

Manage Leads

C2C Manage Leads

Lead Details

Call enabled

Lead Activity Stream