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Trigger Drip Campaigns on email Sent/Open/Click Events in other Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns can now be triggered through email events (sent, open, click) of other Drip Campaigns.

This feature will enable generic multi-step email automation by using a series of 1-action Drip Campaign and appropriate exclusion criteria.

This gives you an opportunity to set-up interdependent chain of Drip campaigns based on the following  Email Events (of other drip campaigns) as triggers.

A. Email Sent

B. Email Opened

C. Email Link Clicked.

If you are not familiar with creating Drip Campaigns in LeadSquared, firstly please refer to:

How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns?

In Step 02 (Select Event as trigger) of Drip Campaign creation you should select “On an Activity”.

You will find “Email Opened, “Email Link Clicked” and “Email Sent” in the list of activities.

Select required option.

DC On Act

A. Email Opened as Trigger: 

On selecting Email Opened as trigger, you will see a list of Drip Campaigns to choose from.

Select required Drip Campaign > Choose/specify the Email Action from available Actions. > proceed to next step.

DC other Dc

B. Email Link Clicked as Trigger: Any or specific link clicked in an email action of another Drip Campaign can be set as trigger for the Drip Campaign.

1. Select Activity Type as Email Link Clicked.

2. Select required drip campaign from available options in ‘Select Campaign’ section.

3. Select a specific or Any Email Action as required.

4.  In Select Link Section: Place/paste the exact Link used in the above specified drip campaign Action.

Note: You would need to navigate to the Drip campaign Action and copy the required link used.

DC Other Link clicked

C. Email Sent as Trigger:

Select Activity Type: Email Sent.

Select Campaign: Choose required Drip Campaign from the list of Drip Campaigns.

Select Action: You can select Any Action or a specific Email Action from the Available Actions.

Action of DC

Once the Event that triggers the campaign is specified, click Next to proceed further to the next step where Email Actions can be set up.

For information on procedure further refer to Step 3 – Set Actions  in How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns?


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